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The Urban Anthropology Journal - Nr. Since SeptemberGreta Thunberg has spent most of her Fridays out of school protesting the inaction of the Swedish government to undertake radical steps to tackle s anemier mots croises change. Inspired by the Parkland student protests and after a string of well delivered speeches at UN Climate Change COP24 Conference and at Davos, Greta Thunberg has inspired an unprecedented youth mobilization in support for measurable and urgent action to address contemporary and future impacts of climate change.

The Youth Strike 4 Climate movement brings to focus issues of intergenerational equity, social justice and environmental sustainability. This nexus implies that climate justice rests on interrelated and simultaneously deployed measures that take into consideration issues of distribution, recognition, and participation together.

S anemier mots croises

Indeed, the IPCC special report published in Octoberunderlined the linkages between mitigation options relevant for limiting global warming to 1. Indeed, during the spring ofmultiple direct actions, such s anemier mots croises marches, strikes, and citizen petitions have put the spotlight on political parties and national governments to act decisively on climate change.

Ireland followed soon after, and intense campaigns are being deployed in most of the Global North.

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On the other hand, although they welcome political declarations in support of direct climate action, longtime climate activists have for decades militated to support many nations in the Global South to devise policy and bring about global action to mitigate impacts of climate change.

As the IPCC special report underlines, climate change impacts do not only induce rising sea levels, but also have significant impacts on health, human security, migration and refugee movements, species extinction, agricultural production and food security, to mention just a few.

Thus, this special issue of the Journal of Urban Anthropology explores sustainability as the intersection of a multiplicity of transitions technological, behavioral, political and discursive deployed both in developed and developing s anemier mots croises, as well as at various levels local, national and global. Similarly, decision making for sustainable futures necessitates strong and evidence- based public policy for climate adaptation and mitigation in all spheres of s anemier mots croises life.

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Behavioral changes do not happen unless policy provides strong incentives as well as disincentives for citizen and economic actors. Social movements and citizen engagement thus become indispensable tools in moving action against increasing threats of global warming with human and ecosystem health as a main preoccupation.

Marc Bloch - Societatea feudala (Vol. 2).

Drastic and sudden weather extremes, as well as growing atmospheric pollution poses significant health risks for urban denizens. Increasing urbanization and out migration from the countryside increases resource use and puts undue pressure on the already scarce urban ecosystems.

As Kan shows in this issue, in a major urban center such as Toronto, in air pollution caused 1, premature deaths and three times as much hospitalizations. To improve air quality as well as stormwater management and conserve energy, in the past decade the city has deployed a green roof urban program.

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Now a popular climate change mitigation measure, the current expansion of green roof projects 50 to date and the municipal policy changes would not have been possible without a sustained engagement from the civil society in Toronto. Similarly, urban sprawl and increased industrialization at the periphery in east-central Arizona have had devastating impacts on water resources.

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In the case of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, presented by Darcie Matthews, rivers and creeks in their traditional territories have experienced dwindling fish populations, increased landscape s anemier mots croises due to invasive species, drought and overall decline of native predators due to eradication measures introduced to support farmers and ranchers in the area.

Located near Phoenix ArizonaWhite Mountain Apache Tribe shares water resources with approximately 2 million inhabitants and is facing an uncertain future due to increasing mining and logging operation. Nevertheless, the Apache s anemier mots croises knowledge and place names has allowed the tribe to retrace the history of landscape changes and identify a management approach based on traditional restoration practices. Understood as a healing process, the Apache Water Restoration Project aims to address contemporary water shortages and technological fixes with species recovery, all the while maintaining cultural continuity through intergenerational knowledge transmission.

Indeed, aspects of resource redistribution, citizen participation and recognition of local knowledge and expertise have long been ce înseamnă eliminarea viermilor into international arrangements. The commune of Plan Hidalgo is both an important agricultural region and a renown historical and tourist site in Mexico, having several World Heritage Sites as well as local rituals and practices designated as Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Maintaining the economic welfare of the population is foundational to ensuring the preservation of this important heritage, a vision that has been embedded into the MUS and which aims maximize diversity by applying local land-use techniques in close collaboration with communities in the region.

Production optimization is assured through milpas permaculture-based s anemier mots croises fields and land-use includes managed forests, cattle ranching, and cash crops, such as orange orchards. National support organizations have helped maintaining, evaluating and advocating for locally-derived MUS as a way to adapt to sudden changes in land-use, the encroachment of multinationals, as well as address local perspectives and priorities for ecological restoration and preservation of heritage sites, and guarantee the welfare of local populations.

As one of the most important cultural and historical sites in the country with a significant tourism industry, Totonacapan region relies on sound ecosystem management that values and integrates Indigenous knowledge systems.

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Lastly, Ghadimi and Radu, extend the discussion on the links between ecosystem management and tourism development through a case study of the Khafr village in Iran. Ecotourism has potential for positive environmental, economic and social impacts and is considered as a sustainable development tool that is supported by international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

As a relatively new designated ecotourism site by the Iranian government, Khafr is nonetheless faced with the lack of organizational and institutional support, as well as a unreliable tourism infrastructure and precarious local capacity for ecotourism development.

The survey conducted in collaboration with the village identified the following essential elements for a sound implementation of CBE: clear and informed consent for ecotourism development; consideration for gender roles in decision-making; promoting local self-confidence and building social capital; implementation of local guidelines and code-of-conduct; ongoing monitoring; and a robust support and assistance network for ecotourism destinations.

The study revealed that although Khafr village is one of the designated ecotourism sites in Iran, it receives s anemier mots croises guidance from the central government. Nevertheless the local vision for ecotourism is very much in line with the international policy recommendations for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGswhich combines social inclusiveness and poverty reduction with environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

Condyloma acuminatum is known as, Condyloma acuminatum is known as

Looking forward The articles in this Special edition show that climate resilient cities cannot work in isolation from broader regional ecosystem dynamics. Indeed, whether through green roofs or water management plans, cities are increasingly restoring landscapes that have historically been eliminated with industrial and urban planning schemes. Linkages between the health of the ecosystem and the health of populations are now at the basis for ensuring adaptation to increasing global warming.

Technological innovation is contributing to this global shift where solutions for a fossil-fuel giardia gatos are already becoming not only socially desirable, but also economically viable. In While Sweden is leading in terms of renewable output thanks to its hydropower and biofuels, even Germany, who is the largest s anemier mots croises of coal, has set as the target by which it will close all of its 84 coal-fired power plants EC, Focused on climate study, data gathering, mapping and scientific knowledge mobilization, s anemier mots croises programs aim to strengthen transnational s anemier mots croises, improve local economies s anemier mots croises wellbeing, as well as conserving ecosystems and protecting cultural heritage.

As the IPCC special report underlines, system transformations necessary for sustainability requires integrated approaches of policy measures, technological innovation and citizen participation in decision- making. The recent direct action and social mobilization across the globe is testament to the power of solidarity both among generations but also across the spectrum of sustainability targets. Poverty reduction, human security, and social and environmental justice are pointing to the kind of societal transformation that recognizes the limits of growth in a world with finite resources.

Green Roof: A sustainable way to improve air quality in urban city - Ying KAN Abstract This paper describes policy used in Toronto to encourage the construction of green roofs to combat issues of air pollution. This data suggests that policy measures s anemier mots croises the early has had positive effect on the urban population health.

This paper traces the policy framework and the measures put forth, and specifically green roof initiatives that the City of Toronto has enacted to address health and sustainability issues in this large urban area. This research analysis seeks to understand the characteristics of threatened natural resources and the processes through which they are managed, allocated and conserved in Plan de Hidalgo, Mexico through application of multiple-use strategies MUS and Traditional Ecological Knowledge TEK by the Totonac people.

Helping the Rivers Breathe Again: the Apache Water Restoration Project - Darcie Matthews Abstract The White Mountain Apache Tribe are successfully managing and restoring the resources on their reservation land using the wisdom of elders who hold the knowledge of traditional cultural practices and metaphors.

Not without its challenges and ongoing issue of resource extraction issues, habitat restoration projects and the need for interagency collaboration is key to successful land management and respect of Indigenous rights and knowledge.

S anemier mots croises ecotourism has been recognised as a social development tool by the Iranian government in the late s, the Papillomavirus humain de type 16 Committee of Ecotourism has not defined specific policy measures to reduce socio-cultural impacts, although it has designated some tourism locations in the country.

A questionnaire was designed and distributed among 33 participants to identify concerns, expectations, knowledge and needs of the local people in the Khafr village. This study shows that people do not have the necessary information about ecotourism development in their region to make informed decisions on government led ecotourism projects. At the same time Iranian ecotourism policy and institutional arrangements are ineffective and conflicting.

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This paper suggests policy guidelines to promote ecotourism and maximise its benefits for local people in this case and similar ecotourism destinations in Iran. Keywords: ecotourism governance, site perceptions, community based ecotourism, voluntary code-of-conduct, Iran, Khafr The Urban Anthropology Journal No. What are we investing in?

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The periphery as a geographic representation never necessarily involved a similar behavioral manifestation. New districts and borders have always existed.

Metropoles and colonies, as pastile de vierme moderne. The suburbs of yesterday become the courted residential space of a near future in the space of one generation. During this period rich in demographic and economic events affecting Romanian cities, the suburban space is the one which mainly received rural immigrants looking for new work and life opportunities, contributing to the formation of that clichéd image of the suburbs, mostly defined in the sphere of individual or group behavior, different from the rural one but still insufficiently urban.

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In Transylvanian cities, modernization occurred with more ease as the main urban centers already had a better situation compared to Moldavian and Wallachian cities. New cities emerged, created according to prognoses which did not correlate with the demographic and economic realities of the spaces involved. The present is something new, something that inserts itself in details unforeseen one generation ago. The thematic dossier of the present issue of the Urban Anthropology Journal RAU groups a series of articles related to the theme of outlying social groups and their extensions in cultural peripheries.

The thematic s anemier mots croises is opened by an ample exposé concerning cultural and social outliers, collateral to the idea of social periphery, with a representation for the 20th   century. The 20th century continued in the new millennium, along with this confrontation-resistance against the refusal to change or against accelerated modernisation exhibited by a social and ideological majority, often hostile in this confrontation as was the recent episode of the Yellow vests movement in the s anemier mots croises.

Pubic space and accessibility is the second article of the thematic dossier, published by Elis Nicoleta Minea.

INTERTEXT. Scientific journal Nr.1/2 (25/26), 7 th year. Revista tiin ific Nr.1/2 (25/26), anul 7

This work focuses on mobility and accessibility as a form of communication that must be reformatted with each generation and new technology to make the most of time on an urban scale. The sustainability projections of accessibility in the space of a dynamic city are oriented by the author towards clearly conceptually defined solutions implemented in areas where urban s anemier mots croises vectors are much more accelerated.

In the study Suburbia — urban models and social controversies of suburban living, the author Andra Gabriela Tănase offers the representation of an ample phenomenon that began during the past century — the escape of suburbia towards non-urban areas that it colonizes by urbanizing them, by exporting behavioral and living patterns, until it attains complete substitution.

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