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The law requires that the national university classification exercise be followed by the institutional evaluation of all universities, carried out by an international agency.

The present Self-Evaluation Report is the result of the process developed within the institution during February — March by the Self-evaluation group SEG and under the responsibility of the Rector.

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The participants were invited to disseminate the information within the group members they represent and to formulate the feedback for the discussion points. The collected inputs have allowed the final formulation of the self-evaluation report. Consequently, the work of the self-evaluation group was supported by all institutional structures.

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A brief historical overview The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is the continuer of the prestigious high school of agriculture from Cluj giardia hond vanzelf peste was founded years ago, based on a long tradition dating back to the fifteenth century with agriculture topics that were taught by Jesuit monks in the trivium that was set on the present site of the university campus.

For almost 50 years from when it was founded and until the end of the second decade of the last century, the Academy activity was based on one department only, of Agriculture, vector gratuit de giardia studies lasting for three years and which awarded the title of "Agronomist diplomat" grade.

Ordinul Nr.19 din 27.02.2019

Vector gratuit de giardia withthe studies agronomic academic education in Romania become of four years of study, of which three were for theoretical studies and the fourth year consisted of an internship within farms.

The duration of studies was increased at that time to five years, and was organized on two cycles: "general education" core subjects lasting three and a half years, and "specialized education" extending over one and a half years. Through these studies, the Academy formed both agronomic engineers and researchers in various branches of agricultural sciences.

Initially the Institute operated only with a Faculty of Agriculture. In within the Faculty of Agriculture it was vector gratuit de giardia a department of Animal Science that was transformed, ininto the Faculty of Animal Science.

In new biotechnology studies were developed so the faculty became the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was founded in the year and the Faculty of Horticulture in the year Starting withthe Agronomic Institute activity was organized into four faculties: Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine, having a total of 1, students. On the 28 th of July in accordance to the Government Decision No.

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Since Romanian universities started to reform in accordance to the Bologna system, aiming to integrate into the European Higher Education Area. Being aware about the necessity of an international evaluation to assess the university improvement and the status of its quality assurance system, USAMV Cluj-Napoca decided in to apply for the EUA institutional evaluation. Focusing especially on research activity and funds raising for research investments, the university was awarded by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, inby the Ministry Order No.

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In USAMV Cluj-Napoca also decided to review its internal management system in accordance to the provisions of the vector gratuit de giardia standards. Today the university has up to 7.

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By the Romanian Government Decision No. Using its granted autonomy, the University Senate approved on the 28 th of February the establishment of a new Faculty of Food Science.

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Based on the opportunities provided by the new Education law, our university has reorganized itself in 14 departments, decentralizing the budget for a better management and quality assurance, and giving a greater responsibility to the academic community for the future national ranking of the study domains. Between — and —, Cluj was the official capital of the Grand Principality of Transylvania. Geographically it is roughly equidistant from Bucharest kmBudapest km and Belgrade km.

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Nowadays more thaninhabitants live within the city limits, while the population of the peri-urban area exceedsresidents. With its eight universities, Cluj-Napoca receives annually a population of more than The second campus, for food science, is close vector gratuit de giardia the central one, making the university one of the most compact campuses in the area. The university owns more than 1.

self evaluation report - Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină ...

Being situated in the central part of Transylvania The rest of the students are coming from the other parts of the country, being attracted by the quality of vector gratuit de giardia studies and the city opportunities.

Despite all these inconveniences Cluj county is nowadays one of the most dynamic region of Romania, having a major contribution to the economic development, mainly due of its highly qualified human resources. It has to be underlined that one third of our students families own agricultural land. The 3 rd study cycle PhDas well as post-doctoral studies, is organized by an Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, with five specializations of full-time study.

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As a research university, the MS and PhD activities are completed within 23 research centers and laboratories, as well as 3 Research Institutes The Life Sciences and other two under construction. The structure of the university is designated to fit the activity for the undergraduate studies BScthe graduate studies MS and the postgraduate studies PhD and post-doc. The hpv en mujeres embarazadas number of USAMV Cluj-Napoca registered students is of 6, students out of which 4, are enrolled in the bachelor studies, 1, are master students and are doctorate students.